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U.S. and Cuba Relations: Where Things Stand as of July 2015

Photo: Map of Cuba by CIA via public domain

Photo: Map of Cuba by CIA via public domain

After a whirlwind start to 2015, where do U.S. and Cuban relation stand now?

From our perspective, things have been moving along at a pretty fast clip, especially as it relates to our business of providing ferry service between Florida and Cuba. In May, 4 ferry services received their licenses to provide ferry service. Currently, all ferry operators are awaiting a decision from the Cuban government as to how the ferry services will work ‘from the Cuban side.’

There are still a number of operational and legal issues to work through.

Yesterday, we came across this article from the Wall Street Journal, U.S. Cuba Policy: Where Things Stand Now. We feel like it is a good, timely article and provides a quick recap of where relations stand at the moment during this historic time. It’s also a short article that will only take about 3 minutes to read and covers questions like…

  • Can I travel to Cuba now?
  • Can U.S. companies do business there?
  • What have been the big milestones so far?
  • Next steps?


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