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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers to Your Questions About Our Florida to Cuba Ferry Service

While we’re not able to answer all questions related to our ferry service or Cuban travel in general, we are able to provide you with answers to some commonly asked questions.

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Is the CubaKat Ferry in Service?

As of September 15, 2015 the CubaKat ferry is not operational. Although licenses have been approved by the U.S. government for ferry service operators, the Cuban government has not yet issued licenses.

Because of this, CubaKat, along with all the other ferry operators are not operational. We are all waiting on further approval from the Cuban government.

Can I Really Travel to Cuba Legally?

Yes. Special permission can be granted from the U.S. government so you can legally travel to Cuba under ‘general license’ for reasons related to trips involving family visits, professional, religious or cultural programs and humanitarian projects. However, trips considered as ‘tourist travel’ are prohibited under U.S. law.

When do You Expect to Begin Providing Ferry Service to Cuba?

We are working toward Spring / Summer of 2016 as an official launch date for our ferry service to Cuba. That time frame, however, is fully dependent on a variety of factors, only one of which is governmental approval.

Why are We Called CubaKat?

CubaKat is a combination of the words ‘Cuba’ and ‘catamarans’ which are sometimes called ‘cats’ or ‘kats.’ Essentially it was just a fun way to combine Cuba with Catamaran, but with a twist! Catamaran vessels have long been used for both public and private ferry services. The boats we would use to operate the CubaKat ferry services would be catamarans.

Why a Passengers Ferry Services to Cuba?

Why a Passenger Ferry Service to Cuba?

The people involved with CubaKat have a long and successful history within the maritime industry. They are also avid travelers, adventurers and entrepreneurs who see opportunity in providing a reliable, safe and low cost alternative to other travel options, specifically, private chartered air flights or general airline flights that will also soon be available.

An Alternative to Airfare?

While airlines will be able to make the trip to Cuba faster, they are also more expensive and more restrictive with the amount of luggage that can be taken aboard. Ferry service will offer cheaper fares – PLUS – offer the option of extra luggage and cargo space.  The ability to transport Cargo to Cuba is a huge benefit for people wanting to take large, heavy goods to friends and family on the island.

Why Can’t You Provide Ferry Service Right Now?

While there are a number of options available right now for operating a ferry service to and from Cuba, none of them offer the convenience and direct access that our proposed ferry services will be able to offer.

When Are We Expected to Begin Service?

We are hopeful for a start date between Spring / Summer 2016 start date, but working with many parties to determine if that time frame will work for everyone involved.

Where Would Ports in Florida be Located?

There are many options for ports along Florida’s coastline. We’re currently evaluating options including the Florida Keys, Miami and Tampa.

While CubaKat is Waiting for Government Approval, What Else is it Doing?

As we work toward gaining a license to operate our ferry, we are also working to promote the idea of our ferry service to the public. Everyone we speak with has shown an interest in traveling to Cuba. At the moment, we’re learning what potential travelers want in a ferry service and how best to create service that responds to those needs and requirements.

If Interested in Traveling by Ferry to Cuba, How Can I Stay Connected with CubaKat?

We’d really like to stay in touch too! For updates, news and information about CubaKat and ferry travel to Cuba, please join our email newsletter.

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