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What Would a Ferry to Cuba Look Like?

With CubaKat plans ramping up for ferry services from Florida to Cuba in the near future, potential travelers want to know what a ferry boat might look like. And frankly, we want to know as well!

We say that because we’ve come up with a few designs but have yet to settle on design. Initially, the intended vessel would have been a 150 – 200 passenger ferry. Current designs are somewhat smaller in size, limiting passenger seating to 50 – 60 passengers.

All designs have centered around using powered catamarans, a common option for passenger ferries. In fact, Key West Express in Ft. Myers uses catamarans to shuttle passengers between Ft. Myers and Key West, Florida.

Regardless of size, the ferries would be fully air-conditioned and equipped with ride control for passenger comfort. A three hour trip from Florida to Cuba by boat should be done in comfort – especially during the summer months!

Below is one few design that has been considered.

CubaKat ferry service from florida to cuba and back

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