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CubaKat Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

BREAKING NEWS: May 9, 2015 – CubaKat has launched a crowd funding campaign through Indiegogo to raise funds to begin operations and finance 2 more ferries (in addition to its current vessel). View the full campaign here.

Will You Help Us Make History?

Experience Passenger Ferry Service to Cuba from Florida!

As relations between the United States and Cuba continue to progress, interest and demand for a passenger ferry service to Cuba has increased.

CubaKat’s goal is to offer our ferry service, from the Florida Keys to ports within Cuba, before the end of 2015. Currently, we’re working with officials from both countries to make this venture a reality.

But we need your help! While we currently have one ferry ready to sail,  your support will help us establish operations and begin the process of building two additional passenger ferries.

In exchange for your support, we’re offering travel vouchers as PERKS so you can get to Cuba at highly reduced travel costs.


One-Way at $100 (normally $169).
Round Trip $200 (normally $330).
**More great savings – click on the link below:
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