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Mar. 17, 2015: We were down in Ft. Myers yesterday filming our Pitch Video for a crowd funding project we’re working on. More information coming soon!

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— CubaKat (@CubaKat) March 18, 2015

Feb. 19, 2015: Cuba Cuts the Price of Internet Access Cuba has temporarily reduced the hourly charge for using state-run Internet cafes in the country’s first small but substantive public move to increase online access since the declaration of detente with the U.S. President Barack Obama said late last year that Cuba had promised to increase Internet access, although U.S. and Cuban officials have since provided few specifics. Virtually all home connections remain illegal in Cuba and getting online at government centers remains prohibitively expensive. Post-discount, an hour costs roughly 10 percent of the average monthly salary of $20. Full article at #Cuba #Internet #Obama Feb. 17, 2015: Nancy Pelosi traveling with lawmakers to Cuba U.S. House of Representatives Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is traveling to Cuba on Tuesday with a delegation of congressional Democrats, Pelosi’s office announced. Full article at #Pelosi #Cuba

Feb. 17, 2015: U.S. And Cuba Will Hold Second Round Of Normalization Talks In Washington
The United States and Cuba will hold a second round of talks aimed at normalizing diplomatic relations in Washington, next week. Full article at #Cuba #Embargo

Feb. 17, 2015: ‘The Yanquis are coming’ and Cuba may never be the same for Canadians
With Americans banned for decades from visiting unless they come as members of small educational groups, Canadians have become used to thinking of Cuba as their personal playground. Will that change? Full article at #Canada #Tourism #Cuba

Feb. 16, 2015: Reports of people in Cuba infected by new strain developing AIDS in less than three years
A recently-discovered form of HIV in Cuba has been found to progress into AIDS some three times faster than the most common strains of the virus, according to a recent study. Full article at #HIV #AIDS #Cuba

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