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Experience Passenger Ferry Service to Cuba from Florida

In early May 2015, the U.S. government, through the Department of Treasury, began issuing licenses to American ferry operators to provide service to Cuba.

While this represented a gigantic leap forward, as January 2016, ferry operators are still awaiting final approval and licensing from the Cuban government. Because of this, CubaKat (and other ferry companies) are waiting to begin full operations.

Welcome to CubaKat! We’re look forward to traveling with you soon.

Relations between the United States and Cuba continue to progress with the easing of embargo sanctions and the lifting of restrictions on travel. And certainly, interest and demand for a passenger ferry service to Cuba has increased.

CubaKat’s goal is to offer our ferry service, from the Florida Keys to ports within Cuba, some time in 2016. Currently, we’re working with officials from both countries to make this venture a reality.

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Will You Make History With CubaKat?

With the easing of travel and financial restrictions on Cuba by the U.S. Government, there is a renewed sense of excitement that U.S. / Cuba relations will begin to flourish.

We’re excited as well! Since 2011, we’ve been working with officials in both countries to establish ferry services between Florida and Cuba and now believe the time to operate our ferry transportation service is quickly approaching.

Soon, Cubakat will be inviting you and your family to come and join us for an extremely comfortable, safe, fun and one-of-a kind experience aboard our high-speed catamarans with daily trips between Florida Keys and Havana. We are continually updating and expanding this website and ask that you share Cubakat with friends and family or bookmark our website for future visits.

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Our Goal for Operating Ferries to Cuba

Very simply, our desire is to provide a low cost, reliable and safe transportation option for visitors to the island of Cuba. Whether travelers are visiting family, exploring a new country, going for educational or religious activities, we want to make travel to Cuba easier. We also hope by doing so that we are able to strengthen the relations between our countries and our people.

Can I Really Travel to Cuba Legally? passenger-ferry-service-to-cuba

Yes. Special permission can be granted from the U.S. government so you can legally travel to Cuba under ‘general license’ for reasons related to trips involving family visits, professional, religious or cultural programs and humanitarian projects. However, trips considered as ‘tourist travel’ are prohibited under U.S. law.

Is the CubaKat Ferry Service Currently Operating?

While we are not currently operating ferry service from Florida to Cuba, we are working very closely with both U.S. and Cuban authorities and other partners to gain full governmental approval for our service.

When do You Expect to Begin Providing Ferry Service to Cuba?

We are working toward Spring / Summer of 2016 as an official launch date for our ferry service to Cuba. That time frame, however, is fully dependent on a variety of factors, only one of which is governmental approval.

passenger ferry service from florida keys to cuba Photo and Article courtesy of Reuters news service: Florida companies push U.S. to license ferry services to Cuba. (Reuters) – Catamaran builder Brian Hall is too young to remember when ferries plied the route between Florida and Cuba in the 1950s, but he has plans to be among the first to revive the once-popular route. Boosted by President Barack Obama’s policy of seeking to normalize relations with the Communist-ruled island after decades of U.S. isolation, Hall hopes to offer a high-speed catamaran service between the Florida Keys and Havana, perhaps as soon as this year. “My partners and I are ready to start operating as soon as we get the go-ahead,” said Hall, 49, president of CubaKat, an offshoot of Fort Lauderdale-based catamaran builder, KonaCat.


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Many Cuban Americans have relatives and extended family still residing in Cuba. And whether they are frequent travelers to the island, or have never been able to visit, we want to be able to provide that opportunity for them.


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